Google Pixel Watch: News, Price, Release Date, Specs, and Rumors

Complete with real photos of the watch

Not everything is known just yet about the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, but the bits that we think we know, gathered from rumors and real images, point to a clean, modern design. Look for this smartwatch, code named Rohan and expected to monitor your health and fitness, to arrive in late 2022.

Pixel Watch
 Pixel Watch.Google

When Will the Pixel Watch Be Released?

Talk of a Pixel-branded watch has been circulating for years, but nothing was announced officially until a trademark filing that confirmed the Pixel Watch name, and Google’s brief announcement of the watch at the May 2022 Google I/O event.

One guess was that we’d see it in 2021 during the same event that introduced the Pixel 6. Instead, Google revealed that it’ll arrive in late 2022 with the Pixel 7.

Release Date Estimate

Given the relatively short lifespan of some of Google’s projects and old predictions that never came true, it’s easy to hesitate when making a release date estimate. But Google has already released photos of the watch and made the unveiling event known: it’ll arrive with the 2022 Pixel.

Pixel Watch Price Rumors

The only indicator for what this watch will run you is the price of similar products from competitors. The 2021 Apple Watch Series 7, for example, starts at $400. Then again, the Google-owned 2021 Fitbit Charge launched for under $200.

Google Pixel Watch render in black
Jon Prosser / Rendersbyian

We guess that Google will shoot for something in the middle: $300-$350—this price is backed by a recent source as well, but we can’t verify its accuracy. The price, of course, will depend on the model, like if one has a more prominent watch face or supports mobile network connectivity.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-ordering should be available shortly after the watch’s official announcement.

Pixel Watch Features

Leaked materials obtained by Jon Prosser and explained on his Front Page Tech YouTube episode were some of the first semi-official details we found. In those marketing materials, Google used words like worldrouteagenda, and health to explain the watch’s various features.

Google Pixel Watch renders in black and blue
Jon Prosser / Rendersbyian

That’s not a lot to go on, and indeed those aren’t the only features. These details and the leaked images (also via Prosser) have us thinking these features are in the works:

  • Heart rate monitor: This is a given for any smartwatch, and it’s suggested from the renders that this watch will have one.
  • Route tracking: The ability to track your steps is a must, but the Google smartwatch might also integrate with their maps to log where you walked/jogged/ran, etc., a must for avid cyclists and the like.
  • On-wrist maps: Speaking of maps, it makes sense that Google Maps will find its way to your wrist here. It’s much safer to navigate on a bike, car, or by foot when you only need to glance at your phone for a split second. A smartwatch makes this even easier.
  • Google Wallet: Other smartwatches running Wear support contactless payments; it’s without question that the watch will include Google’s payment platform so that you can make purchases faster and more safely.
  • Multiple band options: Prosser’s source claims that there will be around 20 strap options.
  • Samsung chipset: Google Silicon was first available in the 2021 Pixel phones, and while a Google-made chipset sounds great for a Google-made watch, too, we’ve also heard that it could be a Samsung Exynos-branded processor (the same chip as the 2018 Galaxy Watch). 9to5Google reports that it might be paired with a co-processor to offload tasks away from the main CPU.

Of course, as with basically any smartwatch, this one will also support alerts for things like events, texts, and calls. And Google Assistant will be available at a moment’s notice, hands-free, meaning that a mic will be included so that you can do things like set alarms, read/send texts from your phone, start timers, etc. There will also be a companion app for the Pixel Watch.

We also know, directly from Google, that the watch will let you control your Nest home devices:

We’d like to see other features like blood glucose readings, blood oxygen monitoring, and a screen or phone-based quick user authentication. We can’t confirm any of this until we uncover more leaks.

Prosser also details a few official images of the Pixel Watch in this video. They’re low quality, but are real leaked marketing images directly from Google.

Pixel Watch Specs and Hardware

There’s no word on most of the specs just yet, but several renders of the watch are available from Prosser. They reveal a clean, bezel-less, circular watch face design with a button on the right side.

32 GB is what 9to5Google reports for the watch’s storage size—for comparison, that’s twice the capacity of the Galaxy Watch 4. The RAM in the Pixel Watch is also expected to exceed the memory of any existing smartwatch.

Reddit user tagtech414 leaked real photos of the watch, which you can see pictures of at Android Central. Here’s one that shows a comparison of the 40mm watch next to a 40mm Apple Watch and 46mm Galaxy Watch:

Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Pixel Watch side by side
 Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and Pixel Watch.tagtech414 / Reddit

9to5Google obtained several images that claim to be of someone actually wearing the watch (these also come from tagtech414 on Reddit):

Another bit of news spotted by 9to5Google is that the Pixel Watch will have a 300mAh battery and ship will cellular connectivity on one model (only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the other two). It’ll also have a USB-C charging cable.

The Latest News About the Pixel Watch

You can get more smart and connected news from Lifewire. Here are rumors and other stories about the upcoming Google Pixel Watch:

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